I am attracted to the idea of jewelry taking different roles other than simply ornamentation. Ideas such as jewelry suggesting garment, jewelry taking over the body of the wearer, and jewelry breaking out of the traditional role of adornment are some ideas that enthrall me. The shift in scale and the use of traditional and nontraditional material in jewelry making allowed me to challenge these ideas. My work is predominantly made out of organic gems such as pearls and wool. I explore forms and ideas of jewelry through texture, color, and overall composition. The softness and curves are inviting aspects of my forms; the sensuous properties of felted jewelry are uncommon and strike new challenges for the wearer and the viewer alike.

Jewelry does not have to come from one source, or convey one idea. It can be collaboration of techniques, ideas, and materials that converge together to make different emotions and meanings. I investigate the sensuous properties of wool and apply seductive aspects of jewelry to create alluring forms. The work’s nature can be both humorous and arresting for the viewer and wearer alike, while adding to the vocabulary of contemporary jewelry and fashion.

I strive to create beautiful wearable pieces that provoke wonderment, attraction, and disturbance.